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EVOC Bike Travel - Bolsa de transporte - 280 L rojo ZLGFHD

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EVOC Bike Travel - Bolsa de transporte - 280 L rojo ZLGFHD

The Bike Travel Bag has been Evocs' proven solution for transporting almost any type of bicycle for years. As a hybrid solution, it combines the best features of a hard shell case with those of a soft case.

2 separate wheel pockets on the sidePressure from the outside is transferred evenly to the entire side surface of the bag via tube struts on tyres and rims, so that the brake discs cannot bend either. Several plastic plates on both sides prevent the impeller axles from being pushed through.

Extra wide chassis with additional carrying handleAn impact-resistant chassis with smooth-running, soft skate wheels ensures safe transport and protection against tipping over. The additional carrying handle allows safe lifting during loading.

Reinforced suspension mountThe fork is fixed to a hard foam block with 2 buckles and a padding; a specially reinforced plastic plate protects the fork ends. This provides double protection.

P 600/D, PU COATEDA very robust fabric for areas subject to high wear. It is also tear-resistant, light and absorbs almost no moisture. In combination with these properties, it is the ideal material for highly stressed bags or the bottoms of bags and backpacks.

EVOC TARPAULINTarpaulin, a stable, flexible and waterproof material, is usually made of PVC-coated polyester. In contrast, Evoc uses a woven polyamide fabric with EPO coating on both sides. An advanced and environmentally friendly material with optimum properties, PVC-free, extremely durable, very light, waterproof and insensitive to temperature.

EPOchlorine-free + azo-freeno dioxins, heavy metals or phthalatesno ozone-depleting substancesno discolouringgreater flexibility + lower densityimproved durability and tractionimproved UV resistanceimproved material properties at low temperatureshigh water resistance

Información adicional

  • Apto para bicicleta de carretera, bicicleta de triatlón, bicicleta XC, FR, o bicicleta de descenso
  • Apto para: bicicletas de 29"
  • Bolsas para ruedas (2 laterales, por separado)
  • Bolsillo para piezas pequeñas
  • Asa de transporte
  • Chásis (estable contra vuelcos, resistente)
  • Patines (marcha suave, silenciosos, intercambiables)
  • Cremallera (bloqueable)
  • Plegable a: 136 x 39 x 25 cm
  • Distancia máxima entre ejes: 122 cm

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EVOC Bike Travel - Bolsa de transporte - 280 L rojo ZLGFHD
€197.21  €63.07
Ahorre: 68% descuento

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